Air conditioner sales grew 16% in 2018 (IEA) / by a.m.Benzing architects pllc

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Cooling demand for buildings is increasing world wide and becomes an important factor in designing a building. Left is a picture of a building with multiple outdoor units an indication of a very inefficient building envelope. The building is located in Singapore, a notably hot and humid climate.

Air conditioner sales grew 16% in 2018 to their highest ever level...(IEA)

Global air conditioner sales grew by their largest annual increase, with 16% growth to over 175 million units in 2018. Annual variations in sales are linked to weather patterns and the exceptional growth in 2018 was driven in part by extreme weather and prolonged heat waves.

Much of the growth in air conditioner sales was led by India, North America (especially Mexico), Brazil, the Middle East, and China. China’s market remains the world’s largest and is not yet saturated. Read More

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