Passive House

Heating and cooling a passive house uses “a fraction of the energy you need for a regular building — like, one-tenth,” by a.m.Benzing architects pllc

The New York Times, Real Estate, Published Sept. 27, 2019, by Tim McKeough

…….Heating and cooling a passive house uses “a fraction of the energy you need for a regular building — like, one-tenth,” said Andreas M. Benzing, the president of New York Passive House, a nonprofit organization.

Where passive house projects were relatively rare just a few years ago, there are now 169 across New York State, either completed or in the works, Mr. Benzing said. They include private homes as well as large-scale developments like Sendero Verde, an affordable housing project spanning a full city block in East Harlem, with a target completion date of 2022, that aspires to be one of the largest passive house projects in the world……..

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NYPH 2018 Conference & Expo by a.m.Benzing architects pllc

As the number of Passive House Certified buildings continues to expand rapidly, it has never been more important for professionals and practitioners working on energy efficiency initiatives, high performance buildings and renewables to become familiar with techniques and materials, not to mention one another. This year’s conference will be held on June 8th, 2018 at the Metropolitan Pavilion.  See More

Unveiling the Ice by a.m.Benzing architects pllc

Ice Box Challenge NYC: Brussels-Capital Region and Brussels Invest & Export /, Building Energy Exchange, NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, NYC Department of Transportation, Garment District Alliance, A2M Architects, New York Passive House, North American Passive House Network, 475 Building Performance Supply, Steven Winter Associates, SYNLawn, and Ice Box donation from the City of Vancouver.  See More

2015 Winner EBie Awards by a.m.Benzing architects pllc

Our Mamaroneck Passive House has won the the prestigious 2015 EBie Awards "Power to the People". This award recognizes the greatest percentage reduction in building energy use. "The Passive House [concept] compels you to look at your building as an interconnected system–not just parts put together. This also influences how a team can work together more as a unit.   See More